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Cross-country skiing on the Seefeld Plateau

Beste Langlaufloipen in Tirol

The Leutasch High Plateau is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cross-country skiing areas in the world! 283.5 km long, the extensive network of cross-country skiing trails all around Leutasch has all degrees of difficulty.

Cross-country skiing in the Olympic Region Seefeld in Tyrol

Seefeld is one of the best cross-country skiing areas in Austria and is now already the Mecca of many cross-country skiing professionals. Many national teams and world-class cross-country skiers are among the regular guests on one of the most beautiful high plateaus in the Alps. Not only training takes place here, but international competitions are also held. On the one hand, this is due to the perfect conditions and services and on the other hand, it is the excellent climate with plenty of sunshine, which the Leutasch and the entire Olympic Region Seefeld have available. And naturally, we must not forget the particularly warm Tyrolean hospitality.

Cross-country skiing - one of the healthiest of all sports

Cross-country skiing strengthens your cardiovascular system, shapes your figure and also improves the state of mind. It is one of the most popular, closest to nature, environmentally friendly and healthiest winter sport for young and old. As a fitness sport, cross-country skiing uses the entire body! Particularly the arm, shoulder, leg, stomach and back muscles are required. Hardly any other sport is better suited to endurance training.

Interactive cross-country skiing map for Seefeld

Cross-country ski school: from beginners to professionals

Friendly, well-trained cross-country skiing instructors show you everything that you need to know for this pleasure, in a targeted and varied manner. The cross-country ski school has a new practice park, which is based on state-of-the-art learning methods and includes terrains, such as a wave course, downhill course, synchro trails etc., which offer the best conditions for our students to learn. The fascination of cross-country skiing and Nordic Cruising!

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Cross-country skiing in one of Europe’s biggest cross-country skiing centres

The Seefeld Region offers an impressive range of services for cross-country skiers. More than 260 km of perfectly prepared trails await you on your cross-country skiing holiday in Leutasch in Tyrol: 154 kilometres of classic cross-country skiing trails and 112 kilometres of skating trails. This unique offer provides the best conditions for everyone, as cross-country skiing trails are available for every degree of difficulty. A majority of the cross-country skiing trails are prepared for both the classic cross-country skiing style and for the skating style. The cross-country skiing trails are maintained on a daily basis with state-of-the-art preparation devices, so that perfect conditions are guaranteed.

The guests of the Hubertushof Leutasch naturally use the entire network of cross-country skiing trails free of charge! For all of those who are not very confident yet on cross-country skis, held is at hand. Not far from the Hubertushof, the professional cross-country skiing instructors in the cross-country ski school will show you everything that you need to know. State-of-the-art equipment, a dedicated practice park and appropriate learning methods guarantee fast success!

The vast network of cross-country skiing trails in the Seefeld Region is uniformly signposted, 340 signs show you the way through the incomparable winter landscapes and impressive panoramas.

Spectacular: the night-time cross-country skiing trail in Leutasch

The 3-kilometre-long night-time cross-country skiing trail in Leutasch between Seefeld and Mösern, as well as the 1.5-km-long night-time cross-country skiing trail in Weidach in Leutasch, on which you can even indulge in your favourite sport at night. By the way, Dog Skiing Trail in Leutasch, you can even bring your four-legged friend along for cross-country skiing. These offers provide variety and pure cross-country skiing enjoyment and are supplemented year after year. As an experience ski hiker, you can also ski on a 15-kilometre-long, unprepared natural cross-country skiing trail through the Gaistal. Enjoy this unique cross-country skiing experience in the unspoilt nature of Tyrol at 1,139 metres above sea level. This way, cross-country skiing in Leutasch becomes an adventure - this is how cross-country skiing must be!

Cross-country skiing holiday in snowy Tyrol

In the middle of the beautiful Tyrolean mountains, the 4-Star Erlebnis Hotel Hubertushof offers you the perfect conditions for your cross-country skiing holiday. With an extensive and fortifying breakfast, you start the day full of energy and enjoy the perfectly prepared pistes of the largest cross-country skiing centre in Europe! After many wonderful moments in the unspoilt nature of the Seefeld Plateau, relax in the wellness area, with a pool and sauna or enjoy a soothing massage. The appealing vitality and wellness services provide relaxation and are ideal after sports! Our Hotel Hubertushof offers the best conditions for your cross-country skiing holiday in Leutasch in Tyrol.

Winter in Leutasch

Winter holidays in Leutasch & on the Seefeld Plateau

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