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Gaistal on the
Seefeld Plateau

Hiking at the Leutascher Arche

Back to the roots. To nature, high mountain peaks and babbling streams. The Gaistal, at the foot of the Mieminger mountains and the Wetterstein mountains, stands for a special nature experience.

Visit the Gaistal near Leutasch

The Gaistal is situated in the middle of the Mieminger mountains and Wetterstein mountains. The Gaistal extends a few kilometres in front of Ehrwald into Leutasch. The faces of these Tyrolean mountains tower over on both sides and offer magnificent views. A car park has been built especially for visitors to the east of the Gaistal. This can be reached by car on a toll road via Leutasch. The Gaistal are particularly well suited to cycling and the path along the Leutascher Ache is perfect for an excursion.

Gaistal tours - for hikers and cycles / mountain bikers

The Gaistal is also well-known as the mountain pasture paradise, which extends along the Leutascher Ache. 12 mountain pastures are situated in the Tyrolean Gaistal, which can all be reached within a day’s walk. For summer holidaymakers, who take it slowly and simply want to enjoy the nature, we recommend planning their tour into the Gaistal as far as the Gaistalalm or to the Federnalm and enjoying the ambience there in a relaxed manner.

For more experienced cyclists, the strenuous and steep ride to the Hochfeldernalm offers a spectacular cycle tour. As a reward for the exertions, there is an extraordinary view of the Gaistal, once they have reached the top. The beautiful mountain panorama of the Mieminger mountains and the Wetterstein mountains, which surround the Gaistal, fascinate and reward the strenuous journey to get there.

Tip: The hunting lodge described by Ludwig Ganghofer in his novel, "Das Schweigen im Walde", is still standing and is situated very close to the Tilfußalm, where many other novels by Ludwig Ganghofer originated.

Take a walk along the Leutascher Ache

The Leutascher Ache, which emerges from the Igelsee Lake at the western end of the Gaistal, flows through the Gaistal in the direction of Leutasch and flows into the Isar in the Tyrolean Mittenwald. The location of the Leutascher Ache in the Gaistal offers an ideal place for grazing pasture. The beautiful meadows of the Hochgebirgstal never fail to impress, even visitors, who have already had several opportunities to marvel at the extraordinary natural spectacle of the Gaistal Tyrol.

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