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Your hosts, the Pfeffel family

The Pfeffel family welcomes you!

The founders of the Pfeffel family businesses are the senior bosses Theodor and Annemarie Pfeffel.

Preserving the old, embracing the new: Combined with today's zeitgeist, the Pfeffel host family has always focused on the guest.

A lot of passion and 200 percent commitment go into the Hubertushof, which connects. People and moments. Tastes and generations. Comfort inside and thrilling mountain worlds outside. Here you will find space and time to live in the moment: informally, consciously and with all your loved ones.

Our family business is run by Andreas and Jelena Pfeffel. Andreas looks after you at reception, where he is always on hand with help and advice, and spoils you with culinary delights from his kitchen. Jelena takes care of your well-being in the house and restaurant.

Our children, Stephan, who attends the "Villa Blanka" tourism college in Innsbruck and Angela, the baby of the family, who attends the commercial academy in Telfs, are also available to answer questions at reception.

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Winter on the Seefeld Plateau

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