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Leutasch in Tyrol

The tranquil holiday paradise

In the middle of the Leutasch Valley, surrounded by the mountain landscape of Tyrol, lies the town of Leutasch.

The impressive Leutasch Valley is situated along the Wetterstein mountains, is surrounded by striking peaks and ends in the Leutasch Gorge. The municipality of Leutasch on the Seefeld Plateau in Tyrol offers its residents and visitors a mild climate in the summer and a snow-guaranteed winter, due to its perfect location. Therefore, the idyllic Leutasch Valley near Innsbruck is a popular holiday resort all year round for guests from near and far. Discover the colourful diversity of the Seefeld Plateau - during your unique winter holiday or an eventful summer holiday.

Discover the picturesque landscape in its natural beauty and relax in your cosy holiday home in Tyrol.

Leutasch in Tyrol: Once upon a time...

Until well into the 12th century, the Leutasch Valley was practically uninhabited. Only a few hunters became lost during their forays into this unspoilt plot of land in Tyrol. In 1178, the Augustinian Monastery in Upper Bavaria received a plot of land in the Leutasch Valley, subsequent to which, the settlement of the present Olympic Region started. Respectful handling of nature was always the motto of the Leutasch residents. In order to build the village settlements, the performed the clearing works with the utmost care, in order to conserve the impressive idyllic nature in the Leutasch Valley.

Gradually, the population grew in Leutasch. At the beginning, it was mainly farmers, who paid annual interest for the use of the monastery property. In the 19th century, after the dissolution of the monastery and also the manorial system in Austria, this payment duty of the farmers was discontinued.

The Leutasch meadows and forests used to offer its inhabitants everything that they needed for their daily bread. Today, the region is particularly world-famous due to the author, Ludwig Ganghofer. The popular regional poet presents the long regional history of Leutasch in his works. Tourism is flourishing and more and more visitors are swarming from the beautiful Leutasch Valley in Tyrol, Austria.

Activity holiday in Leutasch on the Seefeld Plateau

Spectacular summer holidays await you in Leutasch in Tyrol. The many hiking routes to the high peaks of the Wetterstein mountains or leisurely family excursions through the Gaistal mountain pasture paradise make your summer holiday into a unique experience. For anyone who doesn’t want to go quite as high, we recommend a visit to the Leutasch Spirit Gorge, the Leutasch Gorge or a refreshing cooling-off in the Alpenbad Leutasch.

The winter holiday in Leutasch is made even better by snow-guaranteed pistes and many cross-country skiing trails on the Seefeld Plateau. Famous as the ideal cross-country skiing region with a breathtaking mountain panorama, Leutasch can show off as a true cross-country skiing eldorado. In addition, four well-prepared tobogganing runs are also available for adventurous people, away from the cross-country skiing trails.

Summer holiday in Leutasch Winter holiday in Leutasch

Holiday with a feel-good factor and comfort in Leutasch

Many sports and cultural events in and around Leutasch give your activity holiday additional interest. Surrounded by the impressive mountain backdrop of the Wetterstein mountains and the family atmosphere in the 4-Star Hotel Hubertushof in Leutasch, you can only enjoy your holiday in Tyrol. Seasonal leisure activities and attractive offers, such as bicycle rental, the professional hiking guide for summer mountain meadow hikes or Nordic Walking pole rental in the hotel, make the summer holiday pleasant and varied.

In winter, exciting inclusive services also await you, such as a romantic lantern hike with your loved one, toboggan rental for an adventurous excursion with your children or a humorous music evening. Let yourself be pampered and enjoy the tranquillity in our unique wellness area with a swimming pool and various massages.

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