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Holiday on the Seefeld Plateau

Nature Wellness Hotel Hubertushof

In the Hubertushof, pure nature meets wellness & SPA The finest cuisine combined with exquisite enjoyment.

The Hubertushof has stayed true to its origins. It’s almost like in a film. With us, the important thing is what has still remained important, even in times of high-tech, stress and speed: Hospitality with heart.

The Seefeld Plateau is a magical place. Tall mountains and spectacular landscapes, as far as the eye can see. In the summer, lush, green meadows and scented forests entice visitors and locals on tours of discovery for continuously spectacular views. In the winter, the mountains, meadows and forests are covered with thick snow cover and only the occasional mountain stream can be seen trickling under the ice. This fascinating environment is the home of the Hubertushof. In a tranquil and idyllic setting, the Nature Wellness & Family Hotel offers a feel-good atmosphere at a 4-star level, in addition to culinary delights made from local products and rooms that entice you to spend time in them.

The 4-Star Nature Wellness & Family Hotel Hubertushof is situated in the middle of the Tyrolean mountains. The Leutasch Valley on the Seefeld Plateau, in which the town of Leutasch can be found, is bordered by the Wetterstein and Mieminger mountains, as well as the Gaistal mountain pasture paradise. Discover the tranquillity and calming effect of the nature around the Hubertushof in the daytime and then relax in the pleasant ambience and cosy atmosphere.

A family business with heart

The Hubertushof in Leutasch was established in 1999 by the Pfeffel family from Lower Austria. The 4-star hotel was the foundation of the Pfeffel family’s themed businesses, as in autumn 2004, the sister company, the 4-star Hotel Kristall, was established. Today, these two Tyrolean 4-star hotels in Leutasch have a total of 93 rooms with approx. 180 beds. Leutasch, the perfect holiday resort on the Seefeld Plateau in Tyrol. The Olympic Region Seefeld attracts many nature-lovers, sports enthusiasts and family holidaymakers every year.

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A magnificent, inspiring valley

The settlement of this magnificent valley in the Seefeld Plateau only took place in the 12th century and it has only enjoyed worldwide acclaim since the 20th century. It achieved this mainly as a venue for various winter sports events, such as the Winter Olympic Games in the 60s and 70s. Ludwig Ganghofer’s novels, in which the Seefeld Plateau and its extraordinary panorama is described, also contribute to the present popularity of the Leutasch Valley in Tyrol, Austria.

A holiday on the Seefeld Plateau in Tyrol is a special experience at any time of the year. During your summer holiday, you can really enjoy nature while hiking, mountain biking, cycling, walking through the Seefeld Plateau, during family excursions to the Bee Nature Trail and to the Gaistal mountain pasture paradise, or with our Experience Fleet. As Erlebnisbetriebe Pfeffel, we will be pleased to provide you with Segways, e-scooters or e-bikes for leisurely exploration of the surrounding area.

Cross-country skiers particularly enjoy winter holidays on the Seefeld Plateau. The Seefeld Plateau, which was awarded the Best Cross-Country Ski Area in 2007, delights with snowy winters and well-prepared cross-country skiing trails. Skiers and snowboarders can really take advantage of the prepared pistes and explore all of Seefeld’s ski areas with the free ski bus.

Anyone who returns to our 4-Star Hotel Hubertushof in the evening, after a strenuous day, can be pampered in the hotel's wellness area, relax and regain energy for the next day. Whether you prefer the element of water and our indoor swimming pool for wellness or the cosy heat of the sauna, is entirely up to you. Full-body and back massages or foot reflexology treatments are also offered here at Hotel Hubertushof.

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