Ruheraum mit Naturholzausstattung im Wellnessbereich des Hubertushof Leutasch

Nature SPA with heart

Massages & treatments

Away from applications on the basis of a timetable, towards a holistic feel-good atmosphere with heart. In the Hubertushof, the archaic power of nature plays an overriding role. Immerse yourself. Switch off and refuel. That is the motto. Yin and yang in harmony, opposites that enrich and release one another.

We recommend that you already reserve the massages and beauty treatments with your room booking. This way, we can confirm your desired appointments in advance and you can spend your wellness holiday in Leutasch entirely according to your own taste.

Our HUBERTUSHOF TIP: If you would like to give a person you hold dear enjoyable and unforgettable moments in our wellness hotel, then surprise them with a wellness voucher.

Facial treatments

“999 Gold” facial balance

The entire body is harmonised and brought into line through the facial reflex zones. In combination with herbs and alchemistic 999 gold, the face appears glowing and relaxed and receives new expressiveness. Pure anti-ageing of a different kind.

60 combination with jade stones and sugar peel€ 69.–
80 min.Facial balance with neck acupressure massage€ 89.–


Classic massages & lymph drainage

For millennia, the massage has been a well-proven form of relaxation and alleviation of complaints. Our state-certified masseur and lymph drainage therapist uses numerous different techniques and forms of massage for your well-being in this regard.

approx. 40 min.

The classic
Therapy with 6 infrared radiators and extensive back massage afterwards.
€ 41,–

approx 20 min.

provides strong blood circulation in the back muscles.
€ 22,–
approx. 30 min.Therapeutic back massage€ 39.–
approx. 50 min.Therapeutic full-body massage€ 54.–
approx. 50 min.Lymph drainage€ 54.–
approx. 30 min.Sensitive head massage€ 39.–
approx. 30 min.Foot reflexology treatment€ 36.-


Head-, neck- & shoulder-balance

Especially against tension caused by office work.

approx. 40 min.Head-, neck- & shoulder-balance€ 59.–


Full-body herb stamp massage

For this treatment, warm herb stamps are applied prior to the classic massage. Through the thermal effect, the soothing ingredients and aromas are released. With this combination, deep relaxation of the body and mind is achieved.

approx. 70 min.Full-body herb stamp massage€ 76.–

Sports enthusiast break

An extensive foot and leg massage with subsequent refreshing rubbing off is exactly the right thing after sport. This treatment promotes fast regeneration and makes you fit again for the next day.

approx. 30 min.Sports enthusiast break€ 39.–

Honey balance

Your skin’s metabolism is activated on the back and along the spine, with a mixture of honey, oils and 3 applications. Toxins and waste materials are excreted through the skin and a peel effect is achieved. The skin becomes silky soft.

approx. 60 min.Honey balance€ 69.–

Full body-chocolate massage

Chocolate pampers your senses and imparts warmth and relaxation. The chocolate cream supplies the skin with moisture and leaves it behind soft and with a delicate scent.

approx. 60 min.Full body-chocolate massage€ 62.–

Full massage Plus

During the arm and leg massage you‘ll be lying in a comfortably warm fango poultice, after which you‘ll be treated to a back massage to stimulate the blood flow

approx. 50 Min.Full massage Plus€ 66.–

Special packages

Vitality offers

Feeling the massage with all your senses and recharging the „battery“ of body and mind with positive energy. Getting spoiled from head to toe. That is pure relaxation.

  • 1x full body massage
  • 1x sensitive head massage
approx. 80 min.Vitality offers€ 80.–

Well-being hour

To relieve tension you will be laid on a hot fango poultice. Then we‘ll pamper you with a professional back and sensitive head massage.

  • 1x fango
  • 1x back massage
  • 1x sensitive head massage
approx. 60 min.Well-being hour€ 56.–

A true indulgence

Thanks to the gentle body peeling, your skin will immediately become noticeably fine and smooth. For this, we additionally use products by Weleda.

  • 1x deep cleansing full body peeling
  • 1x full body massage
approx. 70 min.A true indulgence€ 71.–

Treatments in balance

Ear candle with head balance

Thanks tot he pleasant suction effect, your ear will be gently cleansed from inside. The ear candle balances the entire body system through the head.

60 min.ear candle with head balance€ 69.–

Body balance - reflexology acupressure massage

The most wonderful method of immediately releasing or alleviating tensions in all stressed body zones (neck, shoulders, back, arms, knees, etc.).

60 min.Body balance - reflexology acupressure massage€ 69.–

Hand- & footbalance with crystals

Trough the reflex zones oft he hands/feet we reach the entire body. The crystal spring light and harmony.

60 min.Hand- & footbalance with crystals€ 69.–

Chinese foot balance

The entire body can be found in the soles of the feet. If an organ or an area of our body is blocked, our body cannot work properly and the person feels discomfort. With the Chinese foot balance, the self-healing powers are stimulated, in order to release blockages in the respective regions.

40 min.Chinese foot balance€ 59.–

Sound bowl balance

If a person is in harmony with his environment, he is happy, vital and self-assured. He can enjoy his life freely and creatively. The sound bowls are placed on the clothed body and struck gently. Through the calming tones and the gentle vibrations, intensive deep relaxation flows through the body. Tensions are released and the self-healing powers are stimulated.

60 min.Sound bowl balance€ 69.–

Japanese healing stream & body candle balance

The „streaming“, also called Yin Shin Jyutsu, is a tried and tested method for strengthening and harmonising our organs through our energy meridians.

approx. 70 Min.Japanese healing stream & body candle balance€ 79.–


With the vibrations of the gong, tension, in particular of psychological origin, is relieved all through the body.

approx. 40 Min.Gong-Balance€ 59.–