Zwei Bergwanderer wandern am Seefelder Plateau der Sonne entgegen

Discover the mountains of the Seefeld Plateau

Hiking & Pleasure Hiking

There is a great deal to discover... Whether it is the Spirit Gorge or Gaistal, a summit cross or chalet - During your holiday in Leutasch on the Seefeld Plateau, you will certainly discover the perfect hiking tours for yourself.

Hiking summer on the Seefeld Plateau in Tyrol.

The spring, with its magnificent blossoms, the summer, with its pleasant temperatures and long days and the autumn, with its colourful leaves. Hiking is an experience at any time of year. Even old familiar hiking trails can lead to new discoveries, again and again. Enjoy an unforgettable hiking summer in Tyrolean Seefeld. As an alternative to the varied hiking tours around Leutasch, you can also visit the romantic Gaistal mountain pasture paradise: Along the Leutascher Ache, you can discover the rich wildlife of the Tyrolean mountains. Glass-clear mountain lakes, such as the Igelsee, fascinating water currents in the Leutasch Gorge and much more. Your active summer in Leutasch offers you everything that your heart desires.

Higher, wider, more impressive...

Even on holiday, we often want to aim high. The high mountain peaks of the Wetterstein mountains and the many hiking tours on the Seefeld Plateau make a hiking holiday here perfect. Diverse hiking tours with various degrees of difficulty offer exciting options for hikers with sporty ambitions, as well as for pleasure hikers and families. Regardless of where the destination is, on the Seefeld Plateau, every hike will be rewarded with spectacular views. Perhaps, you may feel like discovering the world on the way to the destination, as every hike can become a pleasure hike.

What distinguishes this idyllic place?

  • An approx. 16 km long and romantic valley with 24 districts - nestled between the Wetterstein, Karwendel and Hoher Munde
  • Many beautiful Tyrolean farmhouses and guest houses in traditional and rustic style
  • Exceptionally beautiful and well-groomed hiking and cross-country skiing areas
  • The well-known and legendary Ganghofer Museum
  • The Leutasch play park
  • Fishing company Waidachsee
  • Authentic, cozy and traditional Tyrolean evenings, an Almabetrieb, music band
  • Leutasch is without question the meeting point for everyone who wants to enjoy untouched Tyrolean nature in the midst of the multifaceted and lively Seefeld plateau.

Pleasure hiking: Consciously enjoy nature and tranquillity

More and more people are looking for a distance from everyday life when hiking. The conscious experience of nature and the newly discovered love for movement are very precious and eventful impressions. If these special experiences and experiences are coupled with the numerous, traditional delights that the Leutasch Valley has to offer, the vacation becomes a real feast for the senses. With the gentle hills and flat paths, the hiking trails in Leutasch are suitable for the whole family, for young and old - you can leave the fear of heights at home with complete peace of mind. The Leutasch Valley around the Hubertushof offers everything a hiker's heart desires.

With this in mind: pleasure hikers watch out! The Seefeld plateau in Tyrol offers optimal conditions for pleasant hikes. It doesn't always have to be extremely strenuous - even if this is all the more beneficial to the sense of achievement at the summit cross every now and then. Pleasure hiking is not about getting as high as possible as quickly as possible. Rather, it is about conscious perception.

For us, the term leisurely hiking includes literally going through the world with open eyes. Those who don't rush, but take their time, see and hear a lot more of the world. The flowers by the wayside, the woodpecker knocking on the tree in the forest or the rustling of the canopy in the wind.

Allow the rays of the late-summer sun to tickle you and remain aware, occasionally, stop and discover your surroundings.

The most beautiful hikes around Leutasch

When hiking in Leutasch you are surrounded by a sensational mountain backdrop. You are surrounded by a picturesque Almwise and beautiful secluded mountain lakes. In the middle of the quiet nature you will find peace and relaxation, while the view sweeps over the magnificent Tyrolean Alps. The well-signposted hiking trails in and around Leutasch lead to the most beautiful places, regardless of whether you are looking for a challenge or prefer to take a leisurely stroll. Climb the steep peaks in the Wetterstein Mountains, listen to the cozy rush of the Leutasch Gorge or stroll through the dreamy alpine paradise of Gaistal. Hiking connects, calms and strengthens the body and mind. Where the air and water are at their purest, not only extreme mountaineers are attracted, but also vacationing families appreciate the limitless freedom and peace when hiking in Austria in Leutasch.

A couple of recommended hiking trails:

  • Bergleintal & Meilerhütte
    Moderately difficult hike, red mountain trails. Length: 13km, duration: 8:30 a.m.
  • Ganghoferweg Gaistal
    Easy hiking trail, easy trails. Length: 10km, duration: 3h
  • Leutasch Valley
    Easy hiking trail. Length: 17km, duration: 4:15 hours
  • Sermon chair
    Moderate hike. Length: 18km, duration: 8:30 a.m.
  • Panoramabrücke - Blick in die Klamm Loop from Elmau
    Moderately difficult hike, good basic fitness required. Length: 8.28km, duration: 3: 34h
  • 3-Almen circular hike in the Gaistal
    Easy circular hike to alpine pastures. Length: 10.2km, duration approx. 3:30 hours
  • Three lakes hike on the Seefeld plateau
    Long moderate hike. Length: 12.1km, duration: approx. 3:30 h

Family hikes on the Seefeld Plateau

Most parents know the system - the children run ahead and suddenly stop to explore something exciting. Slowing down often goes hand-in-hand with a family hike. Children need time, time that adults frequently do not take. Therefore, simply enjoy the opportunity of seeing the world with the eyes of children on a small hiking tour.

The nearby Gaistal mountain pasture paradise, among others, offers optimum conditions for such a tour. This is situated in the middle of the Mieminger and Wetterstein mountains. Walk along the Leutascher Ache and find out what nature has available to discover.

The Gaistal ValleyGaistal mountain pasture paradise