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The Petting Zoo in Leutasch

Recently, a goat uttered happily: “Something is always going on at the Hubertushof”. But the duck replied: “I like the mountains all around us.” The hare said: “The many meadows are good for hopping” But the guinea pig was certain: “I can finally get out of my hamster wheel here.” And the geese cackled: “We feel like we are in paradise here. Surrounded by people with heart”.

A perfect excursion for animal lovers

Chickens, goats, quails and rabbits: The Hubertushof in Leutasch in Tyrol also has its own, fine Petting Zoo. For looking, marvelling, feeding and naturally for petting - children’s dreams come true here! The zoo belongs to the Nature Wellness & Family Hotel Hubertushof and is therefore located directly in front of the hotel. Practically situated, also within view of the restaurant sun terrace, on which afternoon coffee becomes an indulgence.

The animals are at their most trusting when they are enticed with something delicious. That is why feed bags of corn are available from reception upon request.

Stephan Pfeffel

The rooster “Hansi” has a good time here with his hens. You can enjoy the eggs that are laid daily by the diligent hens in the afternoon - in freshly baked cake. Both of the Pinzgau goats, “Funny and Joana” hop over sticks and stones - it is simply charming to watch both of them. Other residents of the Petting Zoo are the hares and dwarf rabbits. Anyone who manages to catch them can pet their fluffy fur. Our long-ear hares, Löffel and Stupsi, are also expecting sweet babies soon. Quails also inhabit the Petting Zoo and give us pleasure with the small, funny quail’s eggs that they lay. And our guinea pigs, Max & Moritz, are always in a good mood.

Our children, Stephan and Angela, are already looking forward to introducing you to our animal friends. They are always actively involved when the stall needs to be cleaned, fresh hay needs to be brought and every evening, all of the animals are gathered together for a safe night.

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